Redesigning Health's MainView

  A Brief about my GSoC project We will redesign the Health app and add a few more features. The motivation for this redesign is to display important information on the main view and the other data must be easily accessible to the user.  Data can be step-count, calories burnt, weight measurements etc. This project is written in rust and it uses gtk-rs. This was one of the existing project ideas. The following sections describe the subparts of the project. Creating a new home page for the application We will display the current day’s data along with buttons that take us to the other tabs Another change that we will make is that we will change the way data is added. It will now be a popup window that has tabs that will let the user choose the type of data to add (in our case the type of data will either be “Activity” or “Weight”) and add the required data. We will most likely showcase this feature for QUADEC. Activity view and Weight view We should display the activities and weights and